Kagamiishi, a model for a famous children's song

This flat, compact town just 31.30 square kilometers in size is located in the central southern part of the Nakadori region of Fukushima Prefecture. It is full of natural beauty, enjoying average annual temperatures of 18ºC and a warm inland climate.

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History / Culture

Many historical structures and equipment (including the world's oldest factory-farming tractor and the oldest concrete silo in Japan) are preserved at Iwase Farm, famous for being the first Western-style ranch in Japan.
Kagamiishi is also the site of Kagami-numa (or Kagenuma), a lake that is the setting for tragic Kamakura-era legends that also appear in the haiku poet Basho's classic work, Oku no Hosomichi (The Narrow Road to the Interior).
While you're in town, make sure to visit the Kagamiishi Museum of Local History and Culture, which is full of interesting exhibits and artifacts that tell the story of Kagamiishi.


Kagamiishi is known for its nature activities, and is also the home of Iwase Farm--which is considered the birthplace of modern dairy farming in Japan. There are recreational facilities that make the most of the area's natural beauty, as well as two major parks: Fureai no Mori Park and Torimiyama Park, an athletic park complex that prides itself on its spring cherry blossoms and summer irises.
Since 2012, the town has been engaged in the Tambo Art Project, in which pictures are painted in rice fields that can be seen through the eastern windows of trains arriving at Kagamiishi Station on the JR Tohoku Main Line. The concept is to make the area look like a picture book. The rice field art is illuminated during the winter, making it possible to enjoy it year-round.

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The town of Kagamiishi prides itself on having higher per-capita farmer incomes than anywhere else in Fukushima Prefecture. It offers countless specialty products from its ranches and farms, all of which are drenched in pure morning air.
One of the most popular of these are the Kagamiishi-brand strawberries--known for being huge and intensely sweet. Another favorite is Sojinkan Yogurt, which is produced on Iwase Farm and has enjoyed great popularity lately as a result of television exposure. It is a premium product made with farm-fresh milk for a delightfully mild taste.


Tohoku Shinkansen
Tokyo ← About 1 hour 20 minutes → Koriyama
Fukushima ← About 20 minutes → Koriyama
Sendai ← About 40 minutes → Koriyama
Morioka ← About 2 hours 20 minutes → Koriyama
Tohoku Line
Fukushima ← About 1 hour → Koriyama
Shirakawa ← About 40 minutes → Koriyama
Suigun Line
Mito ← About 3 hours 20 minutes → Koriyama
Ban-etsu West Line
Aizuwakamatsu ← About 1 hour 15 minutes → Koriyama
Ban-etsu East Line
Iwaki ← About 1 hour 40 minutes → Koriyama
Tohoku Expressway
Urawa I.C. ← About 2 hours 30 minutes → Koriyama
Sendai-Minami I.C. ← About 1 hour 30 minutes → Koriyama
Koriyama ← About 40 minutes → Kagamiishi
Ban-etsu Expressway
Niigata-Chuo I.C. ← About 2 hours 30 minutes → Koriyama
Iwaki I.C. ← About 1 hour 30 minutes → Koriyama
Koriyama ← About 40 minutes → Kagamiishi