Welcome to Koriyama, hub of the Tohoku region

Located in the heart of Fukushima Prefecture, Koriyama is the third-largest population center in the Tohoku region.
Just 80 minutes from Tokyo on the Tohoku Shinkansen Line, it offers convenient access by rail or by road, bringing north, south, east, and west together with the intersection of the Tohoku and Ban-etsu Expressways. It is a prime transportation hub that brings together people, things and information--so much so that it has been called a "land port".

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History / Culture

The Azumi reclamation and canal project, which was Japan's first nationally-funded project in the Meiji period, was the cornerstone for modern development of Koriyama. The story that connects Lake Inawashiro, the Asaka Canal and the Asaka Land Development (a story that has the project at its heart) has been designated as Japan Heritage. Today, the cultural assets that made up the project can be seen throughout the city.
Other engaging historical and cultural highlights in Koriyama include the Oyasuba Kofun archeological site (a tumulus constructed nearly 1,600 years ago), Bandai Atami Hot Springs (discovered about 800 years ago), and the Takashiba Deco-yashiki craft center, which has more than 300 years of history.


The face of Koriyama changes with every season. Kaiseizan Park and Kaiseizan Daijingu Shine in spring as do the city's many cherry blossoms--including the famed Beni-shidare Jizo cherry. Summer transforms the fields below the 33 windmills of the Nunobiki Highlands Wind Farm into a carpet of sunflowers, while fall brings color to the leaves at Ryokusuien and along the Bonari Green Line. In winter, some 2,000 white swans flock to the shores of Lake Inawashiro, which forms ice sculptures once its waters freeze.
There are also summer festivals, like the Uneme Festival and one of Japan's largest outdoor beer festivals. And Koriyama has many other events, like the Big Tree Pageant Festa, an illumination experience that takes place in the area around Koriyama Station.

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The city of Koriyama produces premium rice and vegetables, many of which it has branded. It also produces koi fish that can be enjoyed in Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine. Five of the sake breweries in Koriyama, have had their bottlings awarded with the highest gold medals in national competition.
""Cream box"" is a local treat made by taking thick-sliced bread and topping it with a milky-flavored cream. There are also opportunities to hands-on experience making Kashiwaya's thin-skinned manju buns under the direction of the shop confectioners.


Tohoku Shinkansen
Tokyo ← About 1 hour 20 minutes → Koriyama
Fukushima ← About 15 minutes → Koriyama
Sendai ← About 40 minutes → Koriyama
Morioka ← About 2 hours 20 minutes → Koriyama
Tohoku Line
Fukushima ← About 50 minutes → Koriyama
Shirakawa ← About 40 minutes → Koriyama
Suigun Line
Mito ← About 3 hours 20 minutes → Koriyama
Ban-etsu West Line
Aizuwakamatsu ← About 1 hour 20 minutes → Koriyama
Ban-etsu East Line
Iwaki ← About 1 hour 35 minutes → Koriyama
Tohoku Expressway
Urawa I.C. ← About 2 hours 40 minutes → Koriyama
Sendai-Minami I.C. ← About 2 hour 40 minutes → Koriyama
Ban-etsu Expressway
Niigata-Chuo I.C. ← About 2 hours → Koriyama
Iwaki I.C. ← About 1 hour → Koriyama