Motomiya offers convenience in a gorgeous natural setting

Motomiya is a historical city on the northwest side of Mt. Adatara, with the Abukuma River running through it. Come to the heart of Fukushima, located nearly in its exact center. We're waiting for you with warm smiles and open arms!

History / Culture

The city of Motomiya is located almost in the exact center of Fukushima Prefecture. Mt. Adatara looms to the west, and the many rivers that run through here, including the Abukuma River, Gohyaku River, Adatara River, and Seto River have earned it the name mizu-iro-no-machi, or "Blue Town". It was once a starting point on the Aizu Kaido trade route, offering accommodations at the intersection of the Miharu and Soma routes. It is still easily accessible today by highway, expressway, and rail, yet retains its pastoral look thanks to being bordered by the Adatara mountain range to the west and the Abukuma range to the east.


There is always something going on in Motomiya. Spring is a wonderful time of year to visit, when the city's many stunning cherry trees are in bloom. Particularly famous are the weeping cherry at Nichirin-ji Temple, the giant cherry tree at Shionosaki, and the cherry tree at Janohana Garden. Summer brings the dynamic boat-rowing competition and the opportunity to see amazing fireworks displays up close. In fall, there is the hadaka-mikoshi (portable shrine carried by naked men) event plus huge parade floats designed to carry taiko drums--each with their own style from the north, south, and east. There is also a portable shrine carried by women. In winter it's time for the Mt. Iwatsuno Bonten (Brahma) Festival and the Mt. Takamatsu Hatsutora Festival, held to pray for good health and the safety of the family.

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The Daitengu Shuzo brewery was established in 1872, and proudly offers sake brewed only with local rice and water. Shirasawa Farmers Market offers a vast selection of freshly-picked vegetables as well as handmade pizza and other dishes featuring local produce on a monthly basis. Koujiwadaya has been in operation for more than 240 years offering traditional miso, soy sauce, and koji-amazake (a sweet beverage made from sake lees).
Come enjoy all of the delicious food that the locals in Motomiya have grown up on!


Tohoku Shinkansen
Tokyo ← About 1 hour 20 minutes → Koriyama
Fukushima ← About 20 minutes → Koriyama
Sendai ← About 40 minutes → Koriyama
Morioka ← About 2 hours 20 minutes → Koriyama
Tohoku Line
Fukushima ← About 1 hour → Koriyama
Shirakawa ← About 40 minutes → Koriyama
Suigun Line
Mito ← About 3 hours 20 minutes → Koriyama
Ban-etsu West Line
Aizuwakamatsu ← About 1 hour 15 minutes → Koriyama
Ban-etsu East Line
Iwaki ← About 1 hour 40 minutes → Koriyama
Tohoku Expressway
Urawa I.C. ← About 2 hours 30 minutes → Koriyama
Sendai-Minami I.C. ← About 1 hour 30 minutes → Koriyama
Koriyama ← About 30 minutes → Motomiya
Ban-etsu Expressway
Niigata-Chuo I.C. ← About 2 hours 30 minutes → Koriyama
Iwaki I.C. ← About 1 hour 30 minutes → Koriyama
Koriyama ← About 30 minutes → Motomiya