You can't resist a leisurely stroll though Ono

The town of Ono is located in the center of the Abukuma mountain range, with 700-meter mountains bounding it on all sides. It is a true garden city in a beautiful natural setting with lush greenery. The summit of Mt. Takashiba is covered in bright red rhododendron, while the Natsui Senbon-zakura is a gorgeous display of cherry trees lining the banks of the Natsui River for five kilometers. Suwa Shrine has huge cedar trees that are 1,200 years old with a stunning view!

History / Culture

The town of Ono is named after Japan's leading female poet, the renowned Ono no Komachi of the Heian period, who is said to have been born there. She is thought to have been the daughter of Ono no Takamura, who was sent to the area by the Imperial Court and built an estate there. The story goes that Takamura had a child with a local woman named Mezurako. He gave the little girl the name Hikohime and eventually took her back to Kyoto with him, changing her name to Ono no Komachi.
Historical details about Ono no Komachi are still shrouded in mystery, but who knows? You may just encounter a hidden piece of her life as you stroll through these legendary streets and turn your thoughts to the poems she left behind.


The area around Ono is surrounded by Abukuma Kogen Chubu Prefectural Natural Park. Mt. Takashiba to the north of town is home to some 30,000 rhododendrons, while Mt. Yadaijin to the east features colonies of azuma-giku daisies that paint the peaks in bright colors. Along the slopes of Mt. Todo are more than 470 Buddhist Rakan statues, and the “Roku, Hachi, and Kyu Rakan statues are also enshrined. They were modeled after Rokusuke Ei, Hachidai Nakamura, and Kyu Sakamoto, who are famous for their international hit song “Ue o Muite Aruko” (the “Sukiyaki” song). Another attraction can be found along the banks of the Natsui River, which flows through the town. The Natsui Senbon-zakura (Thousand Cherries of Natsui) is a row of Yoshino Cherry trees five kilometers long. Nearby is are the “grandmother and grandfather” cedars of Suwa Shrine, a nationally-designated natural monument. These massive, historical trees are estimated to be 1,200 years old.

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The Onomachi Komachi Ice Burger is a nostalgic creation from the Susumu Store in Onomachi, enjoying a kind of cult following for more than thirty years. Cold ice cream is sandwiched between two fragrant, freshly-baked hamburger buns to create a delicious treat that is both warm and cold at the same time. Buns and toppings are improved countlessly by the Ono Chamber of Commerce Youth Association, making it a famous grab-and-go food in the area. Ice burgers are currently available at four locations throughout the town.


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