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Located roughly in the center of Fukushima Prefecture, the city of Sukagawa offers many attractions, among them Botanen Park (a National Site of Scenic Beauty) and traditional events, including the Shakado-gawa Fireworks Festival (the largest in the prefecture) and the Taimatsu Akashi fire festival. Access to high-speed travel options like expressways and Fukushima Airport also make it a great tourist destination.

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History / Culture

Sukugawa once thrived as a key stopover point along the Oshu Kaido, one of the five major travel routes of the Edo period. It is still full of amazing sights, most notably the precious cultural assets left here by previous generations.
The renowned haiku poet Basho stayed here for eight days during his journey in Oku no Hosomichi (The Narrow Road to the Interior), and you can still trace his footsteps even today. The city is also known for its decorative Sukagawa enobori flags, a traditional craft whose history stretches back more than 230 years to the Edo period. Visitors can try making these flags for themselves as they experience various aspects of the local history and culture.


Sukagawa is full of events, among them the cucumber-themed Cucumber Tennosai Festival, the Shakado-gawa Fireworks Festival featuring nearly 10,000 brilliant fireworks, and Taimatsu Akashi, a traditional fire festival that the local community has been holding every November for more than 400 years.
Sukagawa is also the birthplace of Eiji Tsuburaya, the director who created Ultraman--a connection that led it to declare a sister city relationship with Ultraman's birthplace, the Land of Light in Nebula M78, in 2013. Visitors often come to see the Ultra hero and monster monuments scattered around the city.

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Sukagawa is full of delicious food. Its famous kappa-men noodles are kneaded using only the juice from local Sukagawa cucumbers. They are harvested from outdoor farms and gardens throughout the city in summer and fall, resulting in one of the most abundant cucumber yields in Japan. Sukagawa is the only place you'll find this rare treat.
The city is also the birthplace of Eiji Tsuburaya, the creator of Ultraman who is often revered as a god of special effects. Sukagawa celebrates him by offering an endless variety of collaboratively-produced original goods featuring Ultraman heroes and monsters. You're sure to find an Ultraman treasure here!


Tohoku Shinkansen
Tokyo ← About 1 hour 20 minutes → Koriyama
Fukushima ← About 20 minutes → Koriyama
Sendai ← About 40 minutes → Koriyama
Morioka ← About 2 hours 20 minutes → Koriyama
Tohoku Line
Fukushima ← About 1 hour → Koriyama
Shirakawa ← About 40 minutes → Koriyama
Suigun Line
Mito ← About 3 hours 20 minutes → Koriyama
Ban-etsu West Line
Aizuwakamatsu ← About 1 hour 15 minutes → Koriyama
Ban-etsu East Line
Iwaki ← About 1 hour 40 minutes → Koriyama
Tohoku Expressway
Urawa I.C. ← About 2 hours 30 minutes → Koriyama
Sendai-Minami I.C. ← About 1 hour 30 minutes → Koriyama
Koriyama ← About 20 minutes → Sukagawa
Ban-etsu Expressway
Niigata-Chuo I.C. ← About 2 hours 30 minutes → Koriyama
Iwaki I.C. ← About 1 hour 30 minutes → Koriyama
Koriyama ← About 20 minutes → Sukagawa